Sunday, September 25, 2005

Premature Compilation

For years, a friend of mine, Greg Dwinnell of Eggbert Records, organized an annual Top Ten list. He would collect Top Ten lists from everyone he knew and then tabulate the results. He would publish the tabulations and the individual lists in Yeah Yeah Yeah magazine and also send a print out to everyone involved. And because Greg was Greg, he would get amazing contributions from such luminaries as Elvis Costello, John Easdale, Kristian Hoffman, and many others including me. It was always fun to see who picked what and what the resulting collective Top Ten would be.

Sadly, Greg has passed on. He lost his battle with cancer at a very young age. I haven't worried too much about a Top Ten list since he passed.

But suddenly, I was looking at my CD collection and was thinking that this hasn't been much of a year, so far for music. And then I decided to figure out my Top Ten for 2005, so far. Of course this might change in the next three months. Maybe the next Ryan Adams album will be listenable, or I hope the new Fiona Apple lives up the the anticipation, and what will the "Bubble" soundtrack by Robert Pollard sound like?

But for now, this is what I have (in no particular order):

1. Beck "Guero"
2. Bright Eyes "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning"
3. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds "Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus"
4. Death Cab For Cutie "Plans"
5. Bob Dylan "No Direction Home"
6. Spoon "Gimme Fiction"
7. Louis XIV "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept"
8. Stephen Malkmus "Face the Truth"
9. White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan"
10. The New Pornographers "Twin Cinema"

I know this isn't the most revolutionary list, but it is what I have been enjoying this year.

With that being said, this is what my iPod has been enjoying:

1. "Kings of the Wild Frontier" by Adam & the Ants
2. "Criminal" by Fiona Apple
3. "Sins of My Father" by Tom Waits
4. "Floating Friends" by Archers of Loaf
5. "Wild Thing" by X
6. "I Need You" by the Muffs
7. "This Is The New Shit" by Marilyn Manson
8. "The End of the End of the Ugly" by Sonic Youth
9. "Burning Too" by Fugazi
10. "What I See" by Black Flag

Not much new there, but it does have a mind of its own.


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