Monday, December 18, 2006

Bored ?!*@ Like a Suicide

Last week, Axl Rose, of Guns ‘n’ Roses, announced a March 6 release date for the long-delayed follow-up to Use Your Illusion I & II. The album, Chinese Democracy, if it actually appears, will be an interesting event. It is easy to say that ultimately, it will be disappointing. To be blunt, it might even suck.

Personally, I loved Appetite for Destruction, which isn’t actually going that far out on a limb.

I was disappointed by the stop-gap release of GNR Lies. The live stuff was good, but "Patience" was not that good of a song and the rest weren’t even that good.

Then came the Illusions. To me, those two albums are horrible. You might be able to pull ten good songs that would have created an okay album. But, ultimately, the ten best songs from Illusion I & II would have been a disappointing follow-up to such an incendiary debut. Of course, a lot of bands have trouble following up their debut so we could cut them some slack.

So then comes The Spaghetti Incident? Another mediocre stop-gap release.

Then nothing except for the piece-meal dismemberment of the band until only Axl remains. Somehow most scribes always mention Dizzy Reed at this point but he was not an original member, and I’m not really sure what he has contributed to the band’s legacy. Maybe it is Dizzy’s ability to remain invisible musically that has allowed Axl to tolerate him for all these years.

So, here is my question: does anyone care? Is the world ready for Chinese Democracy? I figure the new album will be greeted by a collective shrug.

I think the best thing about this album coming out is that we can finally stop talking about it and Axl.

And, of course, here are the last 10 songs from my iPod.

1. "Annalisa" by Public Image Ltd.
2. "Sleep the Clock Around" by Belle & Sebastian
3. "Sliver" by Nirvana
4. "Someone Like You" (demo) by X
5. "Outside of Town" by the Geraldine Fibbers
6. "Lover’s Rock" by the Clash
7. "Speak, See, Remember" by Pavement
8. "Angelene" by PJ Harvey
9. "One Hundred Years" by the Cure
10. "In My Tree" by Pearl Jam


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