Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chris Cornell Puts His Head Back In His Ass

Alright, I was going to purchase the new Chris Cornell today, but didn’t. I have to admit, I have enjoyed, to varying degrees, some of the live recordings floating around out there such as the Unplugged in Sweden show. As I said before, these recordings gave me hope for a nice comeback by Mr. Cornell, but sadly, I guess this isn’t the case.

After the horrible reviews the record has received and the phone call from a good friend warning me to avoid this release at all costs, I am probably going to pass on putting down the $10.

Kind of sad. I mean, “Seasons” from Singles was a good song, right? And his solo version of “Like Suicide” was haunting. I’m not just being nostalgic. I have these songs on my iPod so I have heard them recently. Chris Cornell, at one time, was amazing, but maybe he needs a great band such as Soundgarden or Temple of the Dog. Maybe without a great band, he is just great hair, a piercing stare, and a distinctive heavy metal yelp.

Who would have thought that Down On The Upside, the worst Soundgarden album, would be the last good thing to come out of the Cornell throat? Not me.

I’m not going to tell you not to buy the disc since I haven’t actually heard it, but for me and my family, we will abstain.

Anyway, I am on a Cure kick today.

Here are the last 10 songs my iPod has played from these lovable mop-tops.

1. “Object”
2. “Faith”
3. “Breathe”
4. “Ariel”
5. “More Than This”
6. “Boys Don’t Cry”
7. “A Short Term Effect”
8. “The Lovecats”
9. “The Walk”
10. “Descent”


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